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  • 2017

  • BBC2017开年巨作——纪录片《荒野间谍(Spy in the Wild)》。该片由BBC金牌纪录片大师John Downer和其团队出品,是『动物卧底』系列的又一次里程碑式力作。  "Spy in the Wild" uses 34 realistic animatronic creatures, equipped with UHD cameras to observe wildlife activity from closer than ever before.  The amount of work and time that went into this project is quite remarkable. The cameras were built specifically for this project by film maker John Downer and his team at John Downer Productions. The raw stats behind the production of Spy in the Wild are enough to make your eyes water. The crew covered 330,000 miles travelling to 31 locations in 21 countries, stretching from the Arctic to the Antarctic and all places in between. Spy in the Wild took three years to shoot, over 800 filming days. The crew captured more than 8000 hours of material, and every hour-long programme is distilled from 1250 hours of footage.  /有关《BBC:荒野间谍第一季》详尽内容参考《BBC:荒野间谍第一季》豆瓣讨论区